Chimney tape from series Comb - AluComb i OłówComb.
These two new professional tapes are used for all the machining and sealing of the roof.

Excellent flexibility and durability of the products are achieved thanks to multifaceted embossment.
This structure significantly simplifies installation and has a positive influence on aesthetic of the connection. AluComb chimney tape is made out of aluminum sheet which is lacquered with polyester paint. OłówComb chimney tape (in two variants Pb02, Pb05) is made out of lead sheet which is lacquered with acrylic paint.
These two tapes on the whole width are covered with the butyl glue. It guarantees high plasticity with the preservation of aesthetic advantages.
Chimney tapes have a width of 300mm and a length of 5m and it is provided in rolls.

Alu Comb 2small Alu Comb 3small

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